NGBs set to lose funding, BBC adds sports rights, world’s 50 most dominant athletes – it’s 7 from 7

row of hire bikes7 from 7 is the briefest of sports news round-ups. Seven headlines from seven days to keep you in the loop.

This week it covers another NGB set to reject governance changes and lose funding, the world’s 50 most dominant athletes and the BBC entering into the golf rights market again.

  1. British Cycling is in danger of losing its funding. The start of a revolt? (Telegraph)
  2. The BBC nabs golf rights in same week as Sky launches its golf channel. (Telegraph)
  3. The world’s 50 most dominant athletes. Guess some first. (Business Insider)
  4. Rugby’s rules are letting the sport down. (Economist)
  5. NFL puts fans in a lab to work out why they are turning off. (Bloomberg)
  6. A look behind the scenes of the Royal Box at Wimbledon. (New York Times)
  7. Blow your mind. An inter-dimensional sports portal. Really. (SportTechie)

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