Table Tennis England


“In just a couple of months our sport has gone from seldom appearing in the national media to appearing on the Today Programme, on Sky News, on Woman’s Hour, tweeted about by Sky Sports News. Even on the homepage of The Guardian”

Mark Taffler – Head of Commercial


bat-table-tennis-today-programmeTable Tennis England want to get everyone talking about the sport. And like most organisations, once you scratch the surface there’s a lot you can find to help the conversation along.

Illumination was first tasked with supporting communications around a major national launch for table tennis – Datto Ping! – but that soon turned into a wider corporate brief.

The aim of Table Tennis England was to be more precise about what made them interesting  – and what made table tennis worth playing.

“We asked James to get under the skin of who we are. He helped us shape a strategic approach but then also went on to execute the tactics which created the interesting conversations we want to have.” – Mark Taffler, Head of Commercial

So as well as providing media relations support around the initial event, Illumination has gone on to:

  • Define the essence of some of Table Tennis England’s products and brands, to help them market them more effectively
  • Develop media plans to help the organisation plan ahead in this area
  • Put together key messages for teams to refer to when talking about their activity
  • Provide media relations capacity to put Table Tennis England into the national news



Table tennis makes The Guardian homepage


table-tennis-sky-news-tweet                    pam-butcher-on-womans-hour