Sports Minister on governance, kabaddi and Olympic sponsors – it’s 7 from 7

horse eventing7 from 7 is the briefest of sports news round-ups. Seven headlines from seven days to keep you in the loop.

This week it covers the Sports Minister on governance, equestrian chief quitting and how to take over the close season as a sport.

  1. Sports minister offers carrot and stick on governance reforms.
  2. Almost none of the London Olympic sponsors are still involved in sport.
  3. Could kabaddi be coming back to our screens (people of a certain age)? Yes, you.
  4. British Equestrian Federation chief quits, raising concerns.
  5. Lessons for sports on how to take over the close-season.
  6. This piece on what distracts viewers from watching sport needs two sentences. From fantasy teams, to creating GIFs while watching the game, the watching experience is now different.
  7. Great photo report on the sumo wrestlers on 8,000 calories a day.

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