Illumination offers a full range of communications advice, consultancy and freelance help.

So whether it’s strategic support, a long-term project, a few days of muscle, or an emergency, get in touch to see what we can light up for you.

You know what you need better than anyone and our philosophy is to support the outcomes you want. But here are some areas where we can help.

We can:

  • Work with you from scratch to identify what your communications objectives should be for your next strategic cycle
  • Write a communications strategy which genuinely meets your corporate needs – but also suits your size and capabilities
  • Help you recruit a team to meet those needs
  • Create and deliver a marketing plan for your new event, product, partner or project, which integrates everything from digital to public affairs activity
  • Devise a campaign to increase your influence and profile or that of your organisation
  • Help you plan your communications activity through – or in preparation for – a reputational crisis. Imagine your funding disappears, a key performer hits the tabloids or your data is hacked. Are you prepared?
  • Develop a PR strategy to support your athletes or your events and tournaments
  • Advise you on getting the most engagement and traction from a new relationship
  • Help your comms team through a busy spell or supplement their capabilities in digital, PR, corporate comms, public affairs, publishing or media relations
  • Audit your communications activity to ensure that your website, newsletters, social and other channels are delivering what you need from them
  • Draft speeches, write copy, develop case studies and draft and edit publications
  • Project manage or support an event, programme or initiative which has a communications focus or function

Get in touch to see if Illumination can brighten your outlook.