Funslinger – marketing a new product in the physical activity world

thumb-funslinger-whissileFunslinger is a new outdoor toy, invented and produced here in the UK.

Designed for the whole family to enjoy, it allows you to launch a whistling missile up to 70 metres to your fellow Funslinger’s net. As well as being great outdoors fun, it’s good exercise too. It’s also accessible – anyone from 8 to 80 can take part and disability is not necessarily a barrier.

Funslinger’s inventors want to tap into the physical activity market with the product. Illumination wanted to help.

Since they were starting from scratch, Illumination began with some basics. We sat down wth the Funslinger team and talked about their experiences selling the product so far. We examined the products strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities for growing the market and where it sat in the wider market for outdoor toys and activity.

Marketing is all about matching products with potential consumers so we spent time profiling the markets for the Funslinger. But it’s also about being strategic and disciplined – understanding where your strengths lie and capitalising on them.

Illumination provided a full market analysis report, including a marketing strategy and also a menu of marketing tactics, from attendance at shows to engagement with YouTubers.

Funslinger were so pleased with the work, that they have asked Illumination to guide and implement its marketing strategy.

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