Review of UKAD, speculation on UK Sport’s new chair and glimpse into future of sports broadcasting tech – 7 from 7


Seven from Seven is the briefest round-up of sports news which you don’t want to miss each week. This week, you’ve got how the Danes create medallists – but nicely, the government’s review of UKAD and weaponised real-life MarioKarts.

  1. How the Danes create medallists without upsetting everyone.
  2. Not quite this week but speculation over the new UK Sport chair. 
  3. The Government is reviewing UKAD.
  4. Can your sport compete with a real-life, weaponised version of MarioKarts? Of course not. Nothing can.
  5. A glimpse into the future of technology in broadcasting (warning – jargon alert).
  6. British Cycling has appointed a people person to look after its athletes.
  7. It’s Friday. Treat yourself to an article on football crests

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