How Tinder sex is saving athletes two hours sleep, sports manifestos and whether the captain is a myth – 7 from 7

ParliamentSeven from Seven is the briefest round-up of sports news which you don’t want to miss each week.

This week it covers Tinder sex, the science behind captaincy and the sports sector’s General Election manifesto.

  1. It’s that most wonderful time of the year – manifesto time. This one is from UK Active.
  2. And this one from the Sport and Recreation Alliance.
  3. The difference between innovation and cheating in sport (Vice).
  4. Liverpool and Manchester unite in bid for Commonwealths.
  5. How Tinder sex is getting athletes two hours more sleep a night.
  6. A blog on the science behind appointing Sam Warburton Lions captain.
  7. And this great BBC 15-minute programme on the captain fallacy.

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