Brexit and sport, key new appointments at swimming and the Guardian and Sport Wales soap opera

swimming-pool-1229130_1280Seven from Seven is the briefest round-up of sports news which you don’t want to miss each week. This week, you’ve got how Brexit might affect sport, another twist in the Sport Wales soap opera and sport leaders saying that they might need mandatory targets on diversity.

  1. The lawyers are starting to unpick what Brexit could mean for sport.
  2. The ASA has appointed a new CEO (spoiler alert – it’s Jane Nickerson).
  3. Team GB outlines how it intends to to stay in the news between Olympics.
  4. It’s not Pobol y Cwm but the soap opera at Sport Wales has another plot twist.
  5. Leading CEOs say that sport may need mandatory requirements for ethnic minority representation on boards.
  6. In a key appointment for the sector, Martha Kelner has been appointed the Guardian’s Chief Sports Reporter.
  7. The reliably interesting Ed Smith comes out in favour of sport’s late developers.

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