7 headlines you might have missed – from choosing kit with tech to homophobia in sport

martial-artsFrom new format golf, through doping in combat sports, to MPs asking NGBs to do more to tackle homophobia in school sport, here is 7 from 7 – the headlines you might have missed this week.

  1. Golf is shaking things up with a new format and, by the looks of things, fireworks. Daring to be different.
  2. Men and women train together at a football club. In Australia. Fair dinkum.
  3. How match-fixing is being tackled over the pond. As some sports tighten up integrity, those remaining become more of a target.
  4. The Culture, Media and Sport Committee has recommended that NGBs do more to tackle homophobia in school sport.
  5. Table tennis has struck a new deal with SPORTbible to broadcast its national champs. Its last live stream of the sport reached 2.2m people.
  6. Too much kit selection is by ‘feel’. Read how the Australians are adding science and data into choice of weapon.
  7. Why doping in combat sports can mean the difference between leaving the ring dead or alive.

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