7 headlines you might have missed – from wearables report to UK Sport appeals

apple-watchFrom the end of the UK’s biggest circulation sports magazine, through UK Sport funding appeals to how ageing doesn’t seem to affect Roger Federer, here are the headlines you might have missed this week.

  1. Wondering how your sport can fit into the wearables market? This new report has lots of good case studies. 
  2. The most-read sports magazine in the country, Sport, is folding. Unviable or just not part of the News UK bigger picture?
  3. Fascinating article on how ageing typically affects performance. But hasn’t in Roger Federer’s case. 
  4. In yet another first, Sky broadcast deadline day on Twitter. Keeping up with all this multi-platform opportunity?
  5. I said last week it was just a matter of time before HE crept in. How the immigration ban affects athletes heading to America. 
  6. Still wondering what esports is? Here’s a good 1.01.  
  7. Why sports who have lost out on UK Sport funding need to change the rules of the game. (By me.)

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