7 headlines you might have missed – from crowdfunding elite teams to Microsoft’s new sports tech hub

Fencing.jpgThe news headlines you don’t want to have missed this week. From a league table of the buzziest sports events, through what retirement looks like for female athletes, to a poll showing low support for funding medal-winning.

  1. Name the top five sports events with the biggest UK buzz around them. Or click here for SMG’s insight into the top 60 and spoil your fun.
  2. Planning for retirement looks very different if you are a female athlete.
  3. Only 7% of the British public care for medals. What happens if you offer a false choice.
  4. And if that’s true, good luck to British Fencing who are now crowdfunding their elite squad.
  5. Microsoft has opened up its tech to sports bodies in a new technology and innovation centre, including a year’s free access to some.
  6. An enlightening piece on how an athlete reacts to spinal injury.
  7. Golf was invented in around 1450. Can this week’s rule changes keep it relevant?

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