7 from 7 – Headlines from CES tech to Virgin Sport that you don’t want to miss this week

olympic-ringsFrom every major sports tech launch at CES, through the launch of Virgin Sport, to the Crown Jewels of sport on the BBC’s agenda, here are the seven headlines you might have missed this week.

  1. Brexit will effect sport. Here’s the first really thorough piece I’ve seen on how.
  2. Is there anything for NGBs to fear from Richard Branson moving into the sports participation market? Probably.
  3. CES is that big technology conference in Vegas. Here is a round-up of all the sports tech launched there this year.
  4. A long-ish read on how presidents have influenced the Olympics. QUIZ – which president was offered terms as a pro-footballer?
  5. Also in the US, there is so much tech innovation in sport that new ways of matching investors to entrepreneurs are being developed.
  6. The incoming BBC Chairman has already weighed into the crown jewels debate.
  7. A good academic piece showing the dismal progress made in making sports administration a more equal place.

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