Election promises, broadcast deals and Ronaldo’s sculptor back in work – 7 from 7

Bale statue

7 from 7 is the briefest of sports news round-ups. Seven headlines from seven days to keep you in the loop. This week it covers election promises for sport, Olympic hosting decisions and what happens when you take your event off free-to-air TV.

  1. A final analysis of the election promises for sport and activity
  2. BT to show 700 hours of this Olympic sport (spoiler – it’s hockey. I’m TERRIBLE at this clickbait thing)
  3. Speculation mounts that the hosts of the next two Olympics could be settled simultaneously – and soon
  4. What happens when you move your sports event off free-to-air TV
  5. Deloitte strikes new deal with BOA
  6. Surf culture pioneer John Severson rides final wave
  7. Sculptor who made Ronaldo’s bust produces eerily life-like Bale work

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