Sports manifestos, in-fighting NGBs and trans athletes – 7 from 7

roadrunnerSeven from Seven is the briefest round-up of sports news which you don’t want to miss each week.

This week it covers election manifestos, NGB in-fighting, no compromise and Ian Ritchie.

  1. Tories commit to bid for 2022 Commonwealth Games and other parties’ sports manifesto pledges analysed
  2. Are the sports media big beasts like ESPN headed for extinction?
  3. Governing body in-fighting proving counter-productive – outgoing CEO
  4. BOA says ‘no compromise‘ is not compromising athlete welfare
  5. All the questions you wanted to ask about trans athletes but were too shy to ask
  6. Ian Ritchie leaves his RFU chief exec post
  7. Try watching the football in 360 degree 4K VR. It’s what all the kids are doing. 

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