7 from 7 – Headlines from sports data to Sky Sports you don’t want to miss this week

euro2016Does it feel the same to you – that the world didn’t take a breath over Christmas? With a bit of help from this week’s 7 from 7, you can at least see what’s been going on around you. Even if you’re not up to date with your thank-you letters.

  1. 50 practical examples of sports embracing digital and data in 2016. Lots of good practice to make your job easier.
  2. Sport provided four of the top ten most viewed TV programmes of 2016. Live TV is not dead yet.
  3. The NFL wants to park its tanks on your lawn. What effect would a London franchise have on domestic sport?
  4. Sport is failing to draw on the full range of talent to win medals, according to this new BBC research. Also a waste of tax, then.
  5. Baffled by the fuss over new website Dugout? Its founder gives some clues about what it means for the industry.
  6. Sport’s crown jewels were almost scrapped, National Archives reveal. Latest review still to be scheduled.
  7. Sky open up a new opportunity for placing sports coverage – their audio editions. A chance to get in early to shape content and format.

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