7 from 7 – The seven sports headlines you don’t want to miss this week

Ever feel like you’re missing out on things? 7 from 7 brings you the briefest round-up of the sports stories you might have missed this week.

1. Seen any UK wrestling recently? Neither have I. But plenty of other people have. Read how wrestling finds itself selling out major venues. (Vice Sports)

2. Concussion settlements in the US mean that up to $1bn could go to affected players, proving that the condition is costly in more ways than one. (New York Times)

3. With some exceptions, there’s lots of good news in the final batch of Active People results. (Sky Sports)

4. Athletes have forced the withdrawal of a world championships from Russia. Will athlete power be the ultimate sanction against doping? (New York Times)

5. Despite the absence of any major global events, ticket sales for UK sports fixtures remain buoyant – 70m all-told. (Deloitte)

6. ITV ventures into the world of pay-per-view. Initially just for boxing but it’s also an opportunity for other sports to grab part of the action. (The Drum)

7. Not quite this week but there’s not always space, is there? In the 2016 Global Sports Salaries Report, China is throwing its weight about. What’s your China strategy? (Sporting Intelligence)

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