7 from 7. Seven sports headlines that you don’t want to miss this week


  1. Amazon wants ‘in’ to sports broadcast market – reportedly fishing for fixtures bought but not broadcast by other rights-holders. More competition in the broadcast market.
  2. Tennis keeps your ticker ticking. Other sports not so much. A new 14-year study reveals relative cardiac benefits of physical activities. Great if your sport is high on the list.
  3. Dugout, a new platform showcasing content from deals with 27 top-tier football clubs launched to some fanfare. A new model for football content. Could it work for other sports?
  4. The Rainbow Laces campaign made a big impact this year. A good time to partner up if you haven’t already.
  5. Ticket touting is bad, mmm’ok? Legislation to outlaw software which touts use would make a difference, believe MPs.
  6. Spencer FC is on Youtube and has 1.2m subscribers but the chances are you haven’t heard of him. Read about how sports YouTubers are reaching millennials and taking sponsorship money with them.
  7. The Autumn Statement has implications for sport, although none will grab the headlines. Read this useful summary to find out what they are.

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